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Morph Forehead area
Morph Source Photo Forehead area

1) The Straight black lines in the sketch (Upper right forehead under the edge of the hood) derive from the window bars in the university Photo. The Bars melded with the photos dark hair color and shadow and were confused by the mathematical boundary of the hood . 2) The Crescent shaped area of lighter color in the middle of the sketch's forehead derives from the shadow in the Photo resulting in the same crescent shaped blotch of lighter color mid forehead  3) The Break in the tousle of the hair in the morphed sketch (top center - above shadow) reflects the shadowing in the photo, including the extra lonely shadow line on the left side of the break (sketch) which exactly traces the jutting point in the photo's shadow (left side). Many other examples come to view when the two are carefully examined side by side including the triple shadow lines on the neck in both the photo and the sketch.

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