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Photo Morph Source

The Early 80's Unabomber sketches released by the FBI, via NASA were morphed from Kaczynski's Mid 60's Berkley University Photo. But the FBI claims they didn't know who he was until seven years later just prior to the arrest!

Traces of morphing in the middle of the images include:

1) The bright left ear/dark right ear colorations  [Top]. The dark right ear blur in the sketch nearly exactly matches the shape and pattern in the Photo's right ear shadow. The photos sunlight left ear appears as a bright spot of the same shape in the sketch.

2)The Blotchy areas underneath the left eye.  [Enlarge] The Photo has a blemish in the 60's era film in a general left arrow shape. The morph software was confused by the blemish in the film and included it in the sketch as a hazy left arrow blotch.

3) The facial lines on both sides of the nose/mouth.  [Enlarge] The Photos left facial line is in sunlight and the right side is hidden in shadow. The sketches left line shows but the right line is missing.

4) Two subtle light color splotches above and below the right eye .   [Enlarge]. Bright spots, one on the top and one on the bottom eyelid just to the right of the pupil center appear in the photograph and are again represented in the sketch.

5) Photo's Window bars are actually embedded in Sketches forehead !!!.   [Enlarge]. Almost humorous if it wasn't so blatant, the morph process embedded the photo's window bars in the sketch's forehead area. The Morph process was confused by the similar dark color of the window bars, forehead shadow, and hair color (in the photo), and using the shape similarity of the hood and the hairline, it mathematically assumed the bars were part of the forehead boundary and included them in the sketch. See also:   [Forehead area Photo analysis].


The morphing technology, used to create the early bogus Unabomber sketches, was originally developed at the NASA/National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center   [NAIC] images group. The process evolved from shooting 20 pictures of a star and comparing them to eliminate atmospheric distortion.

The first Unabomber wanted poster in cyberspace was hosted on a NASA NAIC group server  [Washington Post]  The servers internet address was, being rather obvious...,  "http://naic.nasa.gov/fbi/" (see at bottom of article). They later clumsily tried to erase its existance, compromising the internets wayback machines integrity, and forgetting meta records and numerous newspaper articles referenced the page. The FBI agents in the case got their email through a NASA naic email address  [Washington Post], and Dettling's NASA Patent   [4,146,180] also traces him to NASA. Four common points in the frame-up all trace to the same obscure place, five common points when you include the distribution of the technology at the time and the date of the morphed sketch!!

Patents were used for years for a paper trail cover for "black" operations payments by the CIA to avoid complications with IRS etc. For example...when the IRS asked "Where'd ya get the million bucks?".... "For Murder" was not an acceptable paper trail for a CIA operative. Over the years they used Patents instead...until recently, the most confusing and intractable paper source in existence.

At the time of the sketch the Public would not hear the word morph nor understand what it was for several years. It was an obscure NASA technology. The perpetrators had no way of knowing that two years later talk show host Johnny Carson would be morphing President and Mrs. Reagan on late night TV for laughs. They had no idea that two short years after the sketch gets printed, millions of television viewers were going to get a crash course in the finer details of computer morph technology.
Ooooooops !  :)

You can not create a suspect wanted sketch using the suspect's photo then claim you did not know who he was for another seven years. It is logically impossible and it conclusively proves a frame-up. Between the morph and the arrest are seven years of public deception, four bombings, and two murders!


Photo and Sketch Sources and the Botched Cover-up

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