Unabomber News History

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May 25, 1995, Thursday

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HEADLINE: FBI focuses on labs in hunt for Unabomber SERIES: State Update


The search for the Unabomber has the FBI questioning staff members and searching laboratories at colleges and universities throughout Northern California.

"These interviews are a logical outgrowth of previous interviews conducted within and around machine shops in the (San Francisco) Bay area," FBI spokesman George Grotz said.

Two FBI agents interviewed school officials at the College of Marin's Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses May 17, and at Dominican College last Friday.

The FBI said it was looking for possible suspects, including former students or employees who may have had access to chemicals in science labs or in machine and maintenance shops.

Since 1978, the Unabomber has killed three people and injured 23 with 16 explosive devices sent through the mail. Nine of those bombs were aimed at universities.