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April 25, 1995, Tuesday, METRO EDITION


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HEADLINE: New blast linked to serial bomber who loves wood




SACRAMENTO (AP) - A serial bomber with a fascination for wood is the likely suspect in yesterday's bombing that took one life in the offices of a timber industry lobbying group, the FBI said.

The mail bomb appeared to be the work of the "Unabomber", so named because his targets have included universities and airlines, said FBI agent Richard Ross.

The Unabomber has been blamed for 15 bombings and three deaths in the past 17 years, a number of them in the Sacramento area.

The crime-scene forensics "strongly suggest the Unabomber," Ross said last night.

Killed was Gilbert Murray, a lobbyist with the California Forestry Association, as he opened the small, heavy package.

Investigators say the Unabomber appears to be fascinated with wood. Some of his bomb parts were carved out of wood, one victim was named Wood and twigs have been included in a bomb.