Unabomber News History

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April 25, 1995, Tuesday

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Other package bomb cases linked to the Unabomber:

Dec. 10, 1994. Advertising executive killed by bomb sent to his North Caldwell, N.J., home.

June 24, 1993. Yale University computer scientist wounded in office.

June 22, 1993. Geneticist at University of California at San Francisco injured by bomb sent to his home.

Feb. 20, 1987. Man wounded by bomb left behind computer store in Salt Lake City.

Dec. 11, 1985. Man killed by bomb found near computer rental store in Sacramento, Calif.

Nov. 15, 1985. Research assistant wounded by package mailed to professor at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The professor, who was standing nearby, wasn't hurt.

June 13, 1985. Package that was mailed to the Boeing Co. in Auburn, Wash., on May 8 is discovered and safely disarmed.

May 15, 1985. One person wounded by bomb found in computer room at University of California at Berkeley.

July 2, 1982. Professor in electrical engineering and computer science wounded in faculty lounge at University of California at Berkeley.

May 5, 1982. One person wounded at Vanderbilt University in Nashville; package addressed to a professor.

Oct. 8, 1981. Bomb is placed in a business classroom at University of Utah in Salt Lake City. No one injured.

June 10, 1980. United Airlines president wounded at home near Chicago.

Nov. 15, 1979. Twelve people suffer smoke inhalation when bomb explodes in plane's cargo hold during American Airlines flight, forcing an emergency landing at Dulles International Airport near Washington.

May 9, 1979. One person wounded at Northwestern University.

May 25-26, 1978. A package is found at a parking lot at University of Illinois at Chicago and brought to Northwestern University in Evanston because of the return address. It explodes when opened on May 26, wounding one.