The Download is approximately 100 MB

The Download is in zip format and will expand to set of folders and files which comprise the site.

To burn a CD from the Download, expand the zip file then burn all the files and folders inside to the root level of the CD. This will place the auto run file at the root level of the CD. When you open the CD you should see a list of folders and files (including the index.html)

The CD should then auto launch to the Main Page of whenever it is inserted into a CD drive. All paths have been localized so the site will run normally from the CD without an internet connection or the possibility of being observed exercising your rights of free speech and information. All non-local paths are included in their original state and will connect to the site if the machine is connected to the internet, or produce a page not found message if the machine is not connected to the internet. Clicking on the index.html file will also launch you into the site if you are having trouble with the auto run.

The download may also be used as a duplicate site hosted on any LAN or WAN, under any domain name desired, by anyone... as long as the content is not altered in any substantive way.

The site has been updated to HTML5 and can be hosted on a Mac, Windows or Unix box.