The first Archaeological Proof of a biblical Passage in history.

An Allegheny College Summer Intern

Summer 1971



SITE KEYS: Allegheny College 1974 Kaldron Yearbook Handwriting Analysis Unabomber, Nathan R Note Allegheny College Yearbook 1974 Meadville Gators Allegheny College Yearbook 1974 FBI F.B.I. CIA C.I.A. NSA N.S.A. Echelon Judge Robert Vance Vanpac Unabom Unabomber Nathan R note Patent MKUltra MindControl Mind Control Road Hazard United States Attorney sherry Matteucci Allegheny College Yearbook 1974 Meadville Gators Senator Max Baucus Terror Terrorist Bomb Incendiary Allegheny College Meadville Arlen Specter Mitch McConnell Senator Patrick Leahy Orrin Hatch Charles Schumer James Jeffords Janet Reno FBI Most Wanted Gator Fire stick Firestick Saratoga Polson Roundup Unabom bomb Unabomber FBI CIA NSA Incendiary Device Firestick Incendiary terrorist bomb Judge Robert Vance bomb CIA Murder Crime MKUltra Boylan sketch artist Crime sketch Unabomber Unabom Government bomb Allegheny College Meadville North Yarmouth Academy Tom Fleming Jerry Garcia Gator Grateful Dead Helix technologies 4D NASA Gil Murray Sacramento Unabom Bomb Unabomber Manchurian Candidate